Impact Compactor

Special gasoline engine with multi-layer air filtration system is used as power to improve reliability and adapt to harsh working environment; high-tech shock absorption system makes operation more comfortable;

It can be widely used in construction, municipal, highway, railway and other fields.

Such as: backfill compaction around the foundation and structure, ground, curbstone, water tank and other early stage base compaction.

Compaction around cable trenches, pipe trenches and poles; maintenance of streets, highways and auxiliary roads, etc.


CT10 mini excavator is small, flexible, powerful and reliable. It is widely used in vegetable greenhouses, orchards, nurseries, landscaping, interior decoration and other agricultural, municipal construction and other fields.

Plate Compactor

A variety of mechanical options, more cost-effective;
The high-tech shock absorption design prolongs the gasoline life and makes the operation more comfortable;
All metal parts are treated with electrophoretic paint;

The tamper plate has excellent strength and wear resistance;

It can be widely used in construction, municipal, highway, railway and other fields. Such as: backfill and compaction around the foundation and structures, ground, curbstone, water tank and other early-stage base compaction, compaction around cable trenches, pipe trenches and poles; foundation preparation or maintenance for streets, highways and auxiliary roads Asphalt repair work, etc.

Power Trowel

It is a tool for rough and fine troweling of concrete surfaces. The machine-constructed surface is smoother and flatter than the manual construction surface, which can greatly improve the compactness and wear resistance of the concrete surface, and improve the work efficiency by more than 10 times compared with manual operation. The ground troweling machine can be widely used for grouting, troweling and troweling of the concrete surface of high-standard workshops, warehouses, parking lots, squares, airports and frame buildings. It is the first choice for concrete construction.

Impact Wrench

Aluminum alloy shell, gasoline engine as power, all metal parts are treated with electrophoresis paint;
The structure is compact and light, easy to carry; the torque can be adjusted to ensure that the tightening effect can reach the ideal state;

The flexible reverse shift design can instantly realize the fastening and dismounting functions, and is suitable for tightening rail fasteners and connecting plate nuts;

It can be used vertically and horizontally, and it is equipped with a special rail walking car with an automatic lifting device, which saves effort in operation; it is also suitable for the tightening of torque nuts on vehicles and electromechanical equipment.


Special gasoline engine is used as power, no auxiliary facilities such as air compressor and power supply are needed, and the structure is compact and easy to carry;

By changing different tools, it can perform various tasks such as tamping, crushing, ramming, tamping, splitting, drilling, etc. It can be widely used in railway maintenance, highway maintenance and civil engineering. Demolition and mining work.

Rail Head Grinding Machine

For true-to-form and straight re-profiling of the rail head at weld joints as well as of built-up welded running surfaces. Body with high strength aluminum alloy frame, with bias anti-skid wheel, grinding rail two side and the top surface .It is special equipment for railway maintenance of rail grinding, can fill the current grinding machine field blank.

2.Main Feature
Free-from-play grinding wheel feed by means of hand wheel for grinding welded joints and running surfaces built-up by welding .Has the function of profile grinding, make the rail welding seam smooth surface after grinding .The two ends of the grinding machine are connected with the lengthening device, which can be used to polish the wave abrasion of the rail surface. According to the particularity of the grinding operation, the research and development of patent lubrication system convenient rollover 90 degrees, in order to adapt to the side of the grinding head

Road Roller

The operator-present system is an additional safety feature: The roller stops automatically as soon as the operator touches the center pole of the guide handle

Reduced hand-arm vibration: Large rubber shock mounts reduce transmission of vibration to the upper components. The user feels only very little vibration, thanks to additional shock mounting in the guide handle

The guide handle folds for transport and compact storage.

Famous diesel engine available with electric starter. Superior power performance, so as to ensure the excitation force is good, to achieve the best effect of compaction.

Railway Bolt Lubrication

1.Main Feature
Improve the level of mechanization of maintenance and will play a very good role in promoting daily maintenance of rail parts. Not only working efficiency greatly improved, greatly reducing the labor intensity of the operator, but also save spending of oil, no pollution to the ballast, meet current energy saving and environmental protection requirements;
The hydraulic pump powered by gasoline engine to work forcefully and conveniently. Could Substitute for the artificial handle operation, effect is more equality, improve work efficiency 6 times, reduce cost 3 times, anti-rust time up to more than 3 months; Compact and reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, easy operation and simple operation Safe and convenient to use

Application in railway line laying of various types of concrete sleeper bolts oiling maintenance operations, especially can be used in the absence of external connected to the power supply, without external power pneumatic occasions to track bolts for oiling and maintenance;

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